♡ Gifts ♡

Decoy: Cardigan (free)
Septem Essentia: Bag (free)

[Spoiled.Brat]: Poncho
(Womenstuff Hunt)
La Petite Fleur: Fur Coat & Dress
(Lucky Board)
NNight Creations: Dress (Gypsy Hunt)
¡gO!: Knitted Dress (free)
Allusions: Bag Leather Purse
DECOY: Hair Leah Fatpack
Pants Dana 76 Jeans Fatpack
¡gO!: Top (free)
LMD: Jacket
Sick Puppy: Top (Pin Up Outfit)
group gift
[ILAYA]: Skirt

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* Hunts * MM * Gifts *

[J'adore]: Top (HYIS #038)
[Motivaction]: Skirt (MM)
[Motivaction]: Dress (MM)
NiNight Creations: Sweater (SFH #21)
Latreia: Boots (Womenstuff )
Sick Puppy: Dress (group gift)
TARA Shoes: (#11 Hunt T.P.W)
GR8*+.M78ultra.+*: Hair Babel (gift)
Graffitiwear: Sweater (group gift)
Allusions: Pants (gift)
Gloss Pink!: Top (gift)
.::NS::. Bag, Movile & Shoes (gift)

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*Gifts & Hunts*

Hush: Skin Elva
(group gift)
1mm: Short
(PMHH #30)
Alice Project: Cabello
(Concert Hunt #20)
La Petite Fleur: Mesh Cardigan 3 colores
.::Kre-ations::. Shool Uniform
(Lucky Letter)
Alice Project: Cabello
Foppish: Leather Gown Coat
(PMHH #62)
Kawala: Rya - Dreams Silks
(group gift)
Prim & Pixel: Mesh Parka
(GTH #42)

*ViPs CoRnEr CrEaTiOn*: Pantalon y Botas
(Full Moon Hunt)
Killa DesignZ: Outfit
(group gift)

Sugar & Cyanide: Chaqueta
(Womenstuff # 28)

PRISM: Pantalón
(group gift)
Evale: Corset gift
(buscar cajitas de regalo)

SOUL: Skirt
(suscribe gift)

(group gift)

Kennedy's: Outfit

Pirate Arts: Sweater Diva
(group gift)

.:::Kre-ations:::.: Sweater
(WICH #06)

*ViP CoRnEr CrEaTiOn*: Latex Body
La Petite Fleur: Outfit
(Lucky Letter)

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Happy Birthday CENSERED!!!


EMPORIUM: Mini T-Shirt Zebra Purple/Blue
100 L$
EMPORIUM: Pants Leopard Purple
*Tentacio*: Messenger Bag
100 L$
EMPORIUM: Top Call Me Maibe and Shorts Colors
85 L$

Quintessencia: Nail 03 Model Square 01
50 L$Quintessencia: Jess Pumps Skull Mesh Pink
170 L$

*Anymore: Latex Body Suit: Sky Blue, Pink, Teal
99 L$ 
***Arisaris: Queque Top and Skirt Mesh
199 L$
Quintessencia: Nick C&C Aniversary Top Mesh
40 L$
Zibska: Albery Earrings in Black
75 L$
.::PICHI::. Top ZOE Sequin Tank Silver
99 L$
*Stars*Fashion* Exquisite Glare 
199 L$

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Happy B-day CENSORED!!!

             TP CENSORED

[Chloe] Dress Set Loren
93 L$
.::Killa DesignZ: Outfit Exclusive gold Digga
99 L$
[Chloe] Dress Mellany Pink
85 L$
.::CENSORED::. Kriss Dress Pack
100 L$
:::Shiva::: Skin Anna
*Rivendell*: Starry Nigth Dress
99 L$
MiWardrobe: Lust Collar Gold
125 L$
MiWardrobe: Lust Earrings Gold
125 L$

Hinako: Cabello sw-R(Ribbon):Blond
99 L$
Hinako: Mesh Rose Tunic
99 L$
*Step inSide*: Skin JULY se rosy-pale 1
299 L$

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* WOMENstuff Hunt * Hot Stuff * Just Design *

Snowpaws: Vestido
(WOMENstuff #47)
StormCrow Design's: Vestido
(WOMENstuff #72)
 Ruxy'sDesign: Vestido
(WOMENstuff #68)

DADAbeiz: Vestido
(WOMENstuff #17)
Flame Fashion: Vestido
(WOMENstuff #69)
Amour Fashion: Vestido
(WOMENstuff #74)
**GLITTER: Vestido
(WOMENstuff #200)

:.::Hot Stuff::.: Outfit, incluye botas
(WOMENstuff #148)
***FA CREATIONS*** Outfit , incluye
accesorios y botas
(WOMENstuff #175)
:.::Hot Stuff::.: Debra Overall 
(group gift)

Just Design: Zapatos 
(group gift)

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